Baxter & Associates




Baxter and Associates is able to work with and help organisations in both the public and private sectors adapt to the new market settings, and to plan the development of their businesses to cope with rapidly changing national and international environments. Baxter and Associates is able to provide short to medium term senior executive management to implement changes and develop skills within an organisation.

Baxter and Associates provides advice in relation to the management of intellectual property for corporations and academic institutions. It is also able to provide critical, entirely independent analyses of proposals for ICT programs, especially for larger corporate and government organisations.

Baxter and Associates has special expertise in dealing with government and helping clients manage their government relations. It has proven capacity to deal at the highest levels of government.

Baxter and Associates is available to work within larger teams on projects such as major privatisations, government asset sales, organisational restructuring and investment proposals. It has a capacity to negotiate high level, sensitive arrangements and agreements with corporations, governments and international organisations. It can work with other professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants in leading or participating in negotiating teams. It also has an excellent intelligence network and is able to draw evidence for its advice from a very wide selection of credible sources.


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